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Organic Lawn Care and
Clean Solar-Powered Lawn Mowing

Clean Air Lawn Care Denver proudly provides organic lawn care in the great communities of Denver such as Cherry Creek, Washington Park, and Stapleton. We also serve Westminster and Broomfield. Our teams are professional, environmentally conscious, and excited to provide sustainable lawn care in Denver. Your lawn will come to life with our solar-powered lawn mowing and maintenance, along with our organic treatment plans.

Let us show you what a chemical free, emission free lawn looks like. Natural lawn care will transform your lawn into part of your property you love. Our priority is to provide clean maintenance for your Denver grass. We are revolutionizing the lawn care industry by featuring solar-panels on our trucks to power our electric equipment.

We care about making your outdoor space both beautiful, and safe for your entire family, including kids and pets. Your lawn and landscaping is part of your home and you deserve a healthy and beautiful yard. Denver residents have an option to have a pollution-free lawn maintenance service.

A Healthy and Safe Lawn, Naturally

Organic Lawn Care

We specialize in effective, organic lawn care in Denver and surrounding areas. Organic lawn fertilizer and soil builder treatments are the base of our lawn care programs. We focus on growing healthy, lush grass from the soil up.

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Organic Weed control

Clean Air Lawn Care offers 100% organic, selective weed control treatments. Our organic weed control treatment keep weeds at bay without using harsh, harmful chemicals.

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Solar-Powered Mowing

We use electric mowers, blowers and trimmers for quiet lawn care that is clean and zero emissions. Gas-powered lawn equipment is a major contributor to air and noise pollution.

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Why We Stand Out

Premium Lawn Care

We provide a high quality of care on your lawn and with customer communication.

Quiet, Clean Mowing

Our electric lawn care equipment is quiet, clean and efficient. We power it with the sun.

Organic Treatments

From organic lawn fertilizer to weed control, we keep your grass green and healthy without harmful chemicals.

Customized Service

We work with you to develop a custom plan for your specific lawn care needs and communicate when needed.


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